22 Aug 2019

things to consider in sofa reupholsteryThe sofa is the first thing we’d see and get ourselves comfortable with every time we come home. It’s also the spot where we’ve shared good memories and laughter with our friends and loved ones.

However, despite its significance in our lives, sofas are actually one of the furniture we are most likely to give a makeover. Maybe it’s also because of the fact that sofa reupholstery can be quite tedious and most of the time there’s this overwhelming pressure of choosing the right style, fabric, and color that should go along well with the rest of the furniture you have at home.

Here are the top three (3) you should consider in doing your sofa reupholstery:


Always choose the fabric that is suitable for the existing sofa that you have. Aside from that, see to it that its pattern would complement with other patterns existing in your room. Usually, it’s always ideal to go with plain styles as it would easily blend with other furniture you have at home no matter how much you frequently change it. 

However, if you’re keen to have designs and patterns for your sofa, take in mind that simple prints and small patterns are suitable for small rooms only, while large and expressive patterns should be appropriate or large rooms.


While you may want the next color of your sofa to be your favorite color, it may disrupt the overall ambiance and impression of your room. If you have small children and pets at home, you want to stay away, for the meantime, with light-colored fabrics and pastel shades as this is prone to stains. Thus, going for dark colors should be ideal.

Did you know that the colors of the sofa affect the mood of your home? Dark-colored sofas can make your room look small and formal, while those in the lighter shade can make the room look bigger and airier.


For families, it’s always ideal to choose durable and tightly woven fabric covers as this is where most family members tend to congregate all the time. In considering other kinds of fabric, just note that while the cotton fabric is less likely to fade and wear out, it gets wrinkled and soiled easily. As for leather, it can last longer than most fabrics but requires special maintenance. 

On the other hand, going for linen, jute, and hemp will not only help in saving nature but also have natural fabric that can last long just like any other sofa covers.

If everything mentioned still sounds overwhelming for you, Cotton Ware is here to lend you a helping hand. As one of the leading providers of sofa reupholstery services in Singapore, Cotton Ware definitely understands the needs of their clients. 

Aside from years of experience providing top quality service and customer assistance to commercial and industrial spaces, Cotton Ware recognizes the trends and styles they need to adapt within order to give their clients the satisfaction they deserve. 

09 Aug 2019

5 advantages of blinds and shades servicesThinking that choosing shades and blinds, many people fail to see that the color, height, and design of shades or blinds at your home or office can totally give a different vibe and appearance that you may or may not like.

Realizing how tough it is to choose for the best shades and blinds for your home, some opt to seek professional advice with companies offering curtains and blinds fabrication services. If you haven’t tried it yet, here are some of the advantages of having an expert have a say on your next shades and blinds:


If you’re lucky, the blinds and shades company you’ve found offers free removal and installation which would save you time, efforts, and necessary tools in getting your old curtain treatment out of your window. And if you’re fortunate enough, they’d also provide you with advice and tips at what height you should place your shades and blinds.


At a cost-effective price, you can have your shades and blinds customized according to your preference. Contrary to popular belief that customization is expensive and not practical, there are companies offering competitive pricing for such service. Just ensure that when choosing for blinds fabrication services, you’re able to check the quality of materials of the shades and blinds are offering. Some may offer customization at a low price, but the quality of the material may be at stake.


Nowadays, there is a vast choice of window coverings that you’ll be surprised to know exists. Especially for shades and blinds, it’s not just the standard styles you’ll see in the market, there are also blinds and shades offering privacy and blackout features as well as cordless or continuous cord loop operation.


It’s true that decision-making for shades and blinds can be hard, however, you’ll be assisted and walkthrough with wide-array of patterns, colors, and textures of blinds and shades that will suit to the aura you’d like to give your room our house.


Unlike curtains, shades and blinds are easy to clean regardless of style and fabrics. A mild cleanser can help in easily dusting off accumulated dust around your blinds and shades.

With Cotton Ware, it aspires to provide you with the best choices made from quality materials that’ll make every penny you’ve invested in it worthwhile. Cotton Ware provides wide-array of shades and blinds options that will suit your personality and home. Moreover, they go an extra mile to guarantee that purchasing of new shades and blinds should be hassle-free and won’t cause any dilemma and anxiety.

29 Jul 2019

cottonware sofa reupholstery“Home sweet home!” Everyone loves the comfort of their own home. The comfortable feeling, the warm surrounding, and of course, the best rest after a long tiring day.

But as you look around, you then saw your old sofa slowly losing its color, your cushioned chair and its fading stylish look, and your curtains that seem to fade. And it suddenly popped out on your mind “Do I need to buy new ones now?” But then you stop for a little while, opened your phone, and browse online. As you browse online, you landed on Cottonware, as if the internet has read your mind. “Cottonware: Upholstery Services” the phrase you see as you gaze on your phone screen. “Exactly!” you exclaimed. “Looks like I have a solution for my upholstery needs now”

As you browse further, you learned that Cottonware offers excellent quality of upholstery services for everyone. Either residential or commercial, nationwide! From blinds fabrication, curtain fabrications, and sofa reupholstery and upholstery. Every solution for your upholstery needs, they have it all at a very affordable price.

Having a well-maintained home and great furniture pieces don’t need to be costly. People often jump to the conclusion of throwing out old furniture and purchasing a new one. But you don’t have too, because Cottonware is here! Ready to help you in all of your upholstery needs without you hurting your pocket.

01 Jul 2019
Best Curtain Styles for your Living Room


Believe it or not, the style of your curtain plays an important role in the overall look you’d like to your living room to pull off.

From the length, color, style to its compatibility with the motif of your furniture and wall color, curtains can either make your living more pleasant to the eye or give you (or your guest) a sense of feeling like there’s something wrong with your room’s overall aura.

Thus, before you make any decision, you might want to consider the following in choosing the best curtain for your living room.



1. Curtain Style and Fabric

Curtains come from various fabric. You may go with a heavier fabric if you prefer to always keep your room insulated or you may choose a lighter fabric to create a brighter ambiance all over your living room.

  • Silk – Considered as classic and traditional, this kind of curtain fabric are usually used for formal events or for bedroom because of the privacy it can provide.
  • Cotton – The versatile curtain fabric, curtains made of cotton can go well with formal and casual rooms.
  • Linen – One of the most utilized kinds of curtain fabric because of it’s light and sheer composition. Ideal for living rooms if you are someone who’s a big fan of sunlight.
  • Velvet – You may want to cross this out on your list for a living room curtain idea since this is heavy and quite luxurious. It won’t make it much lighter and would only be ideal if your room has a centralized air-condition or living in countries with low temperature.
  • Sheer – Probably the lightest kind of fabric for curtains. This should be perfect for your living room if you don’t mind that it won’t have so much privacy to provide you with.3. Color and PatternIt’s vital that you take thorough thinking on the kind of pattern you want for a curtain. Too many patterns and dark colors can either make your living room look smaller, while light to medium colors with minimal to none patterns can make the room look bigger and at the same time lighter in the eyes.4. Length and SizeDid you know the sizes and length can also affect the illusion of how big your living room is? Thus, always take note that curtains should be doubled with based on the width of the window and that they are long enough to make your room look bigger and spacious.5. Kinds of curtains perfect for your living room
  • Deep Blue Curtains – Curtains with this color can provide your room with depth and calmness.
  • Curtains Matching Room Design – Curtains that match the color combination of your furnitureand wall, even if it has light fabric, can give your room a sheer and airy vibe.
  • Soft Palette – If you’re a nature lover, designers usually advice to go for soft palette curtains for it allows all the colors in your living room to coordinate organically and it does provide an illusionof a wider room.
  • Verdant Green – Still ideal for nature lovers, verdant green curtains can provide protection againstsunlight and at the same time reflect your adoration for nature.
21 May 2019
top curtains for summer and rainy seasons

top curtains for summer and rainy seasonsYour choice of curtains can affect the temperature of your house or room. That’s why if you’re wondering why it is still humid around your home during the cold weather, you may be using curtains that have a fabric meant for the summer season.

Here’s your quick guide in choosing curtains during the rainy season:

  • Curtains should be thick – Choosing a thick curtain during the rainy season will prevent cold and wet winds from entering your room. It can also help to maintain the right amount of humidity in your room to keep you warm and cozy.
  • Curtains should be made from good quality of materials – Try to put the curtains against a bright light to ensure the quality of the material it has been made of. You can also run your fingers through the curtains and feel for yourself it’s made of thick material.
  • Curtains should be stain and water resistant – Go for curtains that won’t leave any water stains and can dry faster when it’s time for it to be washed.

Here are the best curtains during rainy season:

  • Velvet Curtains – These curtains have thick and dense fibers that are ideal for insulation. It has also a soundproofing function that will lessen the sound of the heavy rain hitting your roof.
  • Canvas Curtains – These curtains are durable and strong that it can withstand heavy rains and even UV rays. Requiring only minimal cleaning and maintenance, a canvas curtain is perfect for your living room area or any room that has large or several windows.
  • Acrylic Panels – While the acrylic panels can let in the natural light, it still has the function of providing efficient insulation to fight cold and wet weather.

Here’s your quick guide in choosing curtains perfect during the summer season:

  • Medium-Colored Drapes – Going for medium-colored drapes have the ability to reduce heat by 33%.
  • Installing window shades – Considered as the most effective method to save energy and fight harmful rays of the sun, window shades that are reversible can be switched on so you can use it depending on the season.
  • Going for Blinds – Due to its ability to control the amount of light and ventilation entering your home, installation of blinds can reduce heat by 45%. Blinds can also diffuse the light without much heat or glare by reflecting the sunlight to a light-colored ceiling.
  • Choosing Blackout Curtains – If you’d really like to have a cool ambiance for your home, blackout curtains is the best solution since it can filter sunlight and keep the temperature around your house moderated and less humid.

If you’re still in doubts whether you’ll be choosing the right curtain for your home, curtain supplier in Singapore has experts that will give you variety of choices that will blend well with your home and at the same time serve its purpose.

With Cotton Ware, it has the dedication to provide excellent customer service by providing clients with the best options of curtains to choose from. From removal to installation, Cotton Ware guarantees that changing of your curtains should be hassle-free and cost-efficient.

18 Mar 2019

The set of window and roller blinds that Cotton Ware have do not only provide protection from heat of the sun, but also adds a pleasing ambiance to your office and house through its colors and designs. These sets of blinds that made of quality materials and available at a reasonable pricing can be customized according to your preferences.

If there’s such a thing such as you are what you eat, blinds of your choice also reflect your personality. Cotton Ware’s window and roller blinds provide you the opportunity to control the amount of light that enters your room. This is ideal in switching the volume of light that enters whenever you want to have a private moment, watching film with your family, or enjoying the rich sunlight.

What’s more convenient about having window and roller blinds for your room is that you can easily clean and maintain compared to the traditional curtains. Unlike having your curtains set for laundry cleaning, you can clean it for yourself by using materials meant for cleaning blinds.

04 Mar 2019
Best Curtain Shop in Singapore

Best Curtain Shop in Singapore           Searching for the best curtain shop in Singapore? That could be a tough task for people who either have a knack for choosing curtains or for those who have little to no idea what curtain would look best for their home or office. There are numerous whole curtain fabric suppliers in Singapore that it may be hard for someone like you to choose which one provides the best kind of fabric for your dream curtain. Here’s a checklist that you should take in consideration in choosing the best provider of curtains for your home or office.

The functionality of the curtains they have should be a priority. Does the curtain shop have curtains that provide privacy of your room while still giving it exciting and pleasing colors? You should also check the amount of light you want and fabric the curtain suppliers provide for their curtains. After deciding how much light you want for your room, you should also be thorough with the fabric you’ll be choosing. It’s best to consult with a curtain shop that has experts who will provide you with the best choices for your home. As a starter, always remember that choosing the fabrics of your curtains is vital.
If you want to keep the room look more spacious and lets in enough amount of sunlight, you should go for silk-like fabric. If you want to block UV rays from entering the room and keep it warm during the day and cool during the night, you should choose a velvet-like fabrics for your curtain.
In choosing the colors of your curtain it may depend on the color of your walls, furniture, and of course, your style. It’s also best to seek opinion from experts to attain the color that will compliment your home. As per the length and width, you may always go with long curtains because it will leave an impression of a bigger space in your room.

With Cotton Ware, it attends to the needs of commercial and residential establishments of a good yet affordable curtains to hang and will best describe their personality. The customizations it has provides customers with ease of access and purchasing of curtains. Experts provide measurement and quotation as well as consultancy for curtain setup and types. The curtain making, installing and maintaining will also be provided by Cotton Ware at a cost-effective pricing while ensuring that expectations of customers are met

12 Feb 2019
Blackout curtain
Blackout curtain


Using day and night curtain, as well as blackout curtain, are one of the most preferred curtains by many people because of its convenient. Blackout curtains provides you ultimate privacy to your home and it also controls the amount of sunlight and heat the enters your room which is ideal during summer season. Contrary to popular belief that blackout curtains are just made of heavy colors and fabric, it actually comes in various colors, headings, and styles to give a stylish and chic look to your home while maintaining a private space for you.

For day and night curtains, it gives you the chance to splurge in the natural light given by the sun and in return minimize the use of electricity. Many people have opted for the convenience brought by day and night curtains because of its 2-in-1 concept. At day, you can let translucent into your room and the ability to not be seen from the inside while taking a look from the outside and at night a little adjustment can give you a denser and cooler ambiance because of its dark color, giving you a peaceful rest and sleep. If you’re looking for quality blackout and day and night curtains for your room or office, Cotton Ware lets you choose from the variety of designs and materials they have in store for you.


07 Feb 2019
Affordable curtain Singapore

cheap curtain Singapore

Day and night curtains, may it be living room curtains or blackout curtains for bedroom are vital not only for its purpose to create additional color to the rooms of your home, but also to give you the chance to enable certain amount of light to enter your rooms and create privacy for you and your family. Aside from that, curtains also help in blocking unwanted bacteria and germs that can affect the health of your loved ones.

Although it seems impossible to find affordable curtains in Singapore that compliments your home and has the appropriate fabric and texture to match your personality, Cotton Ware is your one-stop solution for affordable yet quality set of curtains. Cotton Ware understands the need of every residential and commercial establishment to have curtains to hang in their places. Also, they ensure to provide a wholesome curtain customization service to everyone and offers the following services: measuring and quotation, consultancy for curtain setup and curtain types, and curtain making, installation, and maintenance.

For residential projects, corporate offices and others like function halls, Cotton Ware provides window coverings such as double pleated fabric curtains and pencil pleated fabric curtains. On the other hand, for commercial projects, they also provide additional services that includes: stages, corporate offices and function rooms/halls.

31 Jan 2019
Curtain Fabrication singapore

Curtain Fabrication singapore

Make your home more pristine and suitable to your personality through customizing your curtains. Did you know that the curtains you put up in your home reflects about who you are as an individual? Yes, it totally does. Your curtains, although it may seem a small detail in your home, can give a vibe to your guests in terms of feeling welcomed.

In choosing your curtain’s fabric, you must consider the following factors; color, length and lining, if it’s washing machine friendly or should be dry cleaned only, the durability, width and of course if it would leave an impression of your home or room looking small or heavier, lighter or warmer.

Wouldn’t you want to go home to a house where your curtains give you a sense of tranquility? A sense of being finally home? But one of the major dilemmas of any person designing their own house or apartment is looking for the right curtain that will best show their taste for designing. Some would opt to hire interior designers for consultation and do the work for them. Some would look up online and check various articles on the perfect curtain for their home.

There are certainly a lot of curtain shops in Singapore that claims to be the best curtain fabric supplier online in Singapore, may it be wholesale or retail, but it may be overwhelming to choose which one can meet your needs and expectations. Luckily, Cotton Ware has come in aide to answer your problems. Choosing curtains shouldn’t be that hard especially if you’re someone who’s always in the hustle during the day.

With Cotton Ware, the hired experts will do the measuring and proposed the appropriate curtains that would do well with your work place or home. Partnering with well-known curtain fabric suppliers all over Singapore, Cotton Ware ensures that choosing the right curtain fabric would be off your to-do list.