Best Curtain Styles for your Living Room


Believe it or not, the style of your curtain plays an important role in the overall look you’d like to your living room to pull off.

From the length, color, style to its compatibility with the motif of your furniture and wall color, curtains can either make your living more pleasant to the eye or give you (or your guest) a sense of feeling like there’s something wrong with your room’s overall aura.

Thus, before you make any decision, you might want to consider the following in choosing the best curtain for your living room.



1. Curtain Style and Fabric

Curtains come from various fabric. You may go with a heavier fabric if you prefer to always keep your room insulated or you may choose a lighter fabric to create a brighter ambiance all over your living room.

  • Silk – Considered as classic and traditional, this kind of curtain fabric are usually used for formal events or for bedroom because of the privacy it can provide.
  • Cotton – The versatile curtain fabric, curtains made of cotton can go well with formal and casual rooms.
  • Linen – One of the most utilized kinds of curtain fabric because of it’s light and sheer composition. Ideal for living rooms if you are someone who’s a big fan of sunlight.
  • Velvet – You may want to cross this out on your list for a living room curtain idea since this is heavy and quite luxurious. It won’t make it much lighter and would only be ideal if your room has a centralized air-condition or living in countries with low temperature.
  • Sheer – Probably the lightest kind of fabric for curtains. This should be perfect for your living room if you don’t mind that it won’t have so much privacy to provide you with.3. Color and PatternIt’s vital that you take thorough thinking on the kind of pattern you want for a curtain. Too many patterns and dark colors can either make your living room look smaller, while light to medium colors with minimal to none patterns can make the room look bigger and at the same time lighter in the eyes.4. Length and SizeDid you know the sizes and length can also affect the illusion of how big your living room is? Thus, always take note that curtains should be doubled with based on the width of the window and that they are long enough to make your room look bigger and spacious.5. Kinds of curtains perfect for your living room
  • Deep Blue Curtains – Curtains with this color can provide your room with depth and calmness.
  • Curtains Matching Room Design – Curtains that match the color combination of your furnitureand wall, even if it has light fabric, can give your room a sheer and airy vibe.
  • Soft Palette – If you’re a nature lover, designers usually advice to go for soft palette curtains for it allows all the colors in your living room to coordinate organically and it does provide an illusionof a wider room.
  • Verdant Green – Still ideal for nature lovers, verdant green curtains can provide protection againstsunlight and at the same time reflect your adoration for nature.

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