Living Room with Sofa


“What should I buy? Should I settle for window blinds or go with curtains?”

You may have encountered this problem one time or another. Perhaps it was during the time after the completion of your house’s construction or when you were thinking of doing some room renovation. Indeed, deciding the kind of window treatment can be hard because it not only affects your home’s look but also your family’s comfort.

To help you in coming up with a decision, it may be helpful to ask yourself these following questions?

· Are there people with allergies and respiratory issues living with me?

If the answer to this question is yes, it is suggested to go for curtains for these are airy and easy to clean. On the other hand, window shades, especially wooden Venetian blinds, tend to trap dust, thus requiring daily cleaning.

· Where do I intend to hang the curtains/ blinds?

Look into the purpose of the room. If you plan to hang window treatments inside your bedroom, it is suggested to settle for blinds. This is because no matter what time of the day, such shades will allow you to make your chamber conducive for sleep. On the other hand, if you are wondering what to use for your study room, you should prefer curtains. Such will provide you with the needed amount of light for reading and writing.

· What will suit the style of my home?

If you think that your interiors look plain, it may helpful to provide some splash of color by hanging some drapes. However, if you have an old home with antique furnishings, it may be best to go for blinds as these will complement the style of your antiquated items.

By taking into consideration these following points, you may come up with a sound decision. Once you have acquired your desired window treatment, see to it that it lasts long by calling cleaning experts, like us, should any problem arise.

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