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When one speaks of curtains, we usually think of ordinary drapes hanging from our windows, they provide privacy, shelter the household interior from heat, cold and sunlight. But do you know that the term “curtain” has been used not just in the the textile industry but other places as well? Instead of imagining curtain as a piece of cloth, think of it as something that separates two distinct scenarios or environment, and you will be able to appreciate its various meanings used in different contexts.


  • The expression “curtains for you” was said to originate from the 1946 Looney Tunes cartoon “Rocketeer Rabbit.” After a robbery and looting scene, Bugs Bunny told his gangster companion, Rocky, “It’s curtain for you,” (meaning: it’s the end for you) while the latter was knocked down with a rod of yellow curtains on his head.


  • Winston Churchill coined the term “iron curtain” to illustrate the strong political contrast and enmity between the Soviet-dominated Eastern bloc and the countries of the “free world” in Western Europe.


  • In an orthodox Jewish synagogue, you will notice a curtain called mechitza, which is used to separate men and women during prayer services. The curtain is at least 5 feet tall and is made of opaque material.


  • Frank Sinatra mentioned in his all time popular signature song “My Way.” The lyrics read “And now the end is near and so I face the final curtain (death).”


  • In theatre, “curtain call” refers to the gathering and introduction of the cast at the end of a live performance.
  • The term “it’s curtains” is an informal statement which ones says when he believes that something is about to end or that someone should stop doing something.
  • To draw the curtains over means to bring something to an end.
  •  To lift the curtains means to get something started.


  • Curtain Climbers refers to small kids, somewhat naughty or misbehaving ones.
  • In the west, curtain can mean something profane when use with words like meat, beef, fat, carpet.

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