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In choosing curtains, there are important things you have to consider to ensure that you’re putting up the right design. If you’re looking for curtains meant in your living room, it’s best to go for sheer curtains to allow more light in. If it’s a bedroom, you’ll have to consider a thicker fabric to allow only less light in the room.

In choosing the measurement, know that long curtains give your room a spacious, but nonetheless, you can measure from the rod to floor and it’s up to you if you want to keep it shorter. For the kind of fabric, go for lightweight such as cotton or linen material if you want to have a sunny vibe for your home. You can choose velvet or heavyweight fabrics if you’d like a dramatic vibe and block out light completely, if you are in Singapore Cotton Ware helps you in all your Curtains need.

For colors, people usually go for solid or patterned colors because it’s easy to find in any local stores. But if you want to show boldness and creativity in you, you may also go with colorful patterned materials. Just always ensure that its color and design would go along with the furniture and color wall of your house since curtains can make a contrasting or unpleasant vibe if it doesn’t compliment the other elements of your room.

Luckily, Cotton Ware is an online curtain fabric supplier in Singapore, that provides vast curtain fabrics almost anywhere in the country. You’ll be talking to experts to see what would work well with your house and they’ll be doing measurements as well to guarantee that you’ll be putting up the exact measurements of your curtain in your windows.