White Curtains

Copy of curtains_1Choosing day curtains can be difficult since you have to consider a lot of factors, such as insulation, light blocking, privacy, and aesthetics. But taking time to decide on your choice is truly worth it. Wait until you see how such drapes can do wonders to your interior!

So if you are currently facing the dilemma of having to select day curtains, check out the important points featured below.

•         Consider the use of the room. If the space is for business meetings and assemblies, making the area look formal through velvet and heavy silk may be appropriate. These blinds are also perfect if you want reliable insulators.

•         However, if your aim is practicality, you can go for cotton satteen and silk rayon blends. For a more casual look, choose a billowy linen or crinkly crushed velvet, which can produce a crisp and neat feel that can work on any type of decors.

Decide whether you want the curtains to complement your decor or you want it to stand out. For blending, choose drapes that are of the same tone or a few shades darker than the wall. However, if you want to add wow to your interior, a bold tone will work like an exclamation point. A reminder, though: take into consideration the amount of sunlight that enters the room, otherwise, the colors that you think are pretty may look eerie.

Important point: If you have patterned furnishings or bedding or a designer mat, stick with solid-colored curtains. On the other hand, if you have solid-colored furniture, take into consideration patterned blinds. For aesthetic appeal, choose curtains with small, neutral prints, like paisley and dots, since these will seem like texture from afar. Choosing blinds with large prints relating to a nearby decoration is also suggested.

Day curtains serve dual functions: add appeal to a room and keep the room from excessive warm or chill, so make sure to choose wisely.

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