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Roller Blinds and Window Blinds


Modern lifestyle has ledfor even the little things in our home or office change. Let’s take curtains as an example. Overtime, modernized curtains has over taken the traditional ones. The rise of blinds brought different advantages to peoples. Such as its cost-effectiveness while protecting your home from harsh sunlight. It comes with various designs that can add as your aesthetic at home. Some blinds can even come as automated and motorized so you won’t have to walk towards the blinds every now and then to adjust it.

Roller and window blinds are easy to clean compared to the traditional ones. Instead of having it cleaned by a cleaning shop which would take it time before you will be able to put it back, blinds only need to be cleaned by yourself without using costly cleaning materials. It also needs little to no repairing unlike with regular curtains whose fabric can get damaged if cleaning wasn’t done carefully.

Cotton Ware, as a blind fabric supplier in Singapore, guarantees that it has a variety of cozy, stylish yet effective and practical roller and window blinds that will give your room a new look. The colors, patterns and textures available allows you to bring out your personality through the blinds you will choose. Aside from that, it provides UV protection, privacy at a cost-effective price. Our experts will guide you through the process of choosing the blinds that will match your home and preference. Moreover, they will also provide assistance on the installation of your blinds and give you advices on how you can maintain.