18 Mar 2019

The set of window and roller blinds that Cotton Ware have do not only provide protection from heat of the sun, but also adds a pleasing ambiance to your office and house through its colors and designs. These sets of blinds that made of quality materials and available at a reasonable pricing can be customized according to your preferences.

If there’s such a thing such as you are what you eat, blinds of your choice also reflect your personality. Cotton Ware’s window and roller blinds provide you the opportunity to control the amount of light that enters your room. This is ideal in switching the volume of light that enters whenever you want to have a private moment, watching film with your family, or enjoying the rich sunlight.

What’s more convenient about having window and roller blinds for your room is that you can easily clean and maintain compared to the traditional curtains. Unlike having your curtains set for laundry cleaning, you can clean it for yourself by using materials meant for cleaning blinds.

04 Mar 2019
Best Curtain Shop in Singapore

Best Curtain Shop in Singapore           Searching for the best curtain shop in Singapore? That could be a tough task for people who either have a knack for choosing curtains or for those who have little to no idea what curtain would look best for their home or office. There are numerous whole curtain fabric suppliers in Singapore that it may be hard for someone like you to choose which one provides the best kind of fabric for your dream curtain. Here’s a checklist that you should take in consideration in choosing the best provider of curtains for your home or office.

The functionality of the curtains they have should be a priority. Does the curtain shop have curtains that provide privacy of your room while still giving it exciting and pleasing colors? You should also check the amount of light you want and fabric the curtain suppliers provide for their curtains. After deciding how much light you want for your room, you should also be thorough with the fabric you’ll be choosing. It’s best to consult with a curtain shop that has experts who will provide you with the best choices for your home. As a starter, always remember that choosing the fabrics of your curtains is vital.
If you want to keep the room look more spacious and lets in enough amount of sunlight, you should go for silk-like fabric. If you want to block UV rays from entering the room and keep it warm during the day and cool during the night, you should choose a velvet-like fabrics for your curtain.
In choosing the colors of your curtain it may depend on the color of your walls, furniture, and of course, your style. It’s also best to seek opinion from experts to attain the color that will compliment your home. As per the length and width, you may always go with long curtains because it will leave an impression of a bigger space in your room.

With Cotton Ware, it attends to the needs of commercial and residential establishments of a good yet affordable curtains to hang and will best describe their personality. The customizations it has provides customers with ease of access and purchasing of curtains. Experts provide measurement and quotation as well as consultancy for curtain setup and types. The curtain making, installing and maintaining will also be provided by Cotton Ware at a cost-effective pricing while ensuring that expectations of customers are met