12 Feb 2019
Blackout curtain
Blackout curtain


Using day and night curtain, as well as blackout curtain, are one of the most preferred curtains by many people because of its convenient. Blackout curtains provides you ultimate privacy to your home and it also controls the amount of sunlight and heat the enters your room which is ideal during summer season. Contrary to popular belief that blackout curtains are just made of heavy colors and fabric, it actually comes in various colors, headings, and styles to give a stylish and chic look to your home while maintaining a private space for you.

For day and night curtains, it gives you the chance to splurge in the natural light given by the sun and in return minimize the use of electricity. Many people have opted for the convenience brought by day and night curtains because of its 2-in-1 concept. At day, you can let translucent into your room and the ability to not be seen from the inside while taking a look from the outside and at night a little adjustment can give you a denser and cooler ambiance because of its dark color, giving you a peaceful rest and sleep. If you’re looking for quality blackout and day and night curtains for your room or office, Cotton Ware lets you choose from the variety of designs and materials they have in store for you.


07 Feb 2019
Affordable curtain Singapore

cheap curtain Singapore

Day and night curtains, may it be living room curtains or blackout curtains for bedroom are vital not only for its purpose to create additional color to the rooms of your home, but also to give you the chance to enable certain amount of light to enter your rooms and create privacy for you and your family. Aside from that, curtains also help in blocking unwanted bacteria and germs that can affect the health of your loved ones.

Although it seems impossible to find affordable curtains in Singapore that compliments your home and has the appropriate fabric and texture to match your personality, Cotton Ware is your one-stop solution for affordable yet quality set of curtains. Cotton Ware understands the need of every residential and commercial establishment to have curtains to hang in their places. Also, they ensure to provide a wholesome curtain customization service to everyone and offers the following services: measuring and quotation, consultancy for curtain setup and curtain types, and curtain making, installation, and maintenance.

For residential projects, corporate offices and others like function halls, Cotton Ware provides window coverings such as double pleated fabric curtains and pencil pleated fabric curtains. On the other hand, for commercial projects, they also provide additional services that includes: stages, corporate offices and function rooms/halls.